Completed Projects

My Blog
My attempt at contributing useful information

Moissanite vs. Diamonds
Learn the differences between these engagement ring gems

Kegels for Men
All about kegels - for men!

Easy Databases
Ready-to-go databases at affordable prices

Manage tasks and people easier. Much easier.

Song Key Finder
Look up or determine the key of your favorite songs so you can play along with them

Mpg For Speed
Learn about how your speed affects your car's fuel mileage. Use this calculator to determine exactly how much money and gas you can save by driving a little slower

EasyExport - Facebook App
Backup your facebook photos and friend list by downloading them to your computer - with one click

Current Development

Side Project Profit
Follow as I try to earn revenue with my web dev projects

AdSense Split Tester
Split test your AdSense ads with AmpedSense

Buying my first home
A blog detailing my home-buying experience

Expert How-To Guides
Step by step detailed instructions on how to

Host Benchmarker
Results from testing web hosts for performance